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Encaustic Monotype Printmaking Method

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

This is an encaustic monotype printmaking method. I have an anodized steel plate sitting on a homemade frame wrapped in silicone above two, double electric burners. I also have a Vent-a-Fume to vent any fumes.

I use R&F Encaustic Paint to draw directly onto the hotplate at approximately180 degrees and I use Catalyst silicone tools to create a design in the encaustic paint. If you don't have silicone tools, any soft tool will work, even an eraser!

I then place a sheet of Thai Mulberry or Kozo paper over the drawing once I am happy with the image and lay it down from the center out. I then use a squeegee from the center out to gently assist the paper in absorbing the encaustic paint and then lift my print from the hot plate and it cools instantly!

The image can be fused to a cradled wood panel, and you can choose to use the entire print or simply a small portion. I use R&F Encaustic Medium on a cradled wood panel, apply two thin coats, and fuse with a heat gun between applications. Then I lay down my print, a piece of parchment, and then I gently burnish from the center out with light pressure until you get a good connection. The final step is to gently fuse the painting to the panel with a heat gun.

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